Rowland Air is excited to now offer our new Ultimate Savings Agreement that will
assure you of the following:

You are our #1 concern!
* Priority customer status
* One day replacement on all parts and units
* 24-hour emergency service 7 days a week

Your Equipment will last longer!
* Lower Utility Bills
* Improved reliability
* Extended equipment life
* Fewer repairs
* Improved capacity
* Improved safety

You will receive extended benefits!
* Priority Customer Status
* Emergency Service
* Agreement is transferable with deed
* 15% discount on all repairs
* Professionally trained technicians

Our maintenance includes the following:

AC & Heat Inspection-
* Inspect starting capabilities
* Inspect safety controls
* Clean or replace standard air filters
* Inspect & adjust blower components
* Tighten electrical connections
* Lubrication as needed
* Inspect condensate drains
* Measure temperature difference
* Monitor A/C or Heating cycles
* Inspect wiring
* Measure Amp draw
* Check volts

Spring Includes Additional-
* Monitor refrigerant pressure
* Clean Condenser Coil

Fall Includes Additional-
* Check & Inspect Heat Exchanger
* Inspect & adjust burner assembly
* Clean ignition assembly
* Check gas pressure

Maintenance Checklist