How Often Should Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

While new homeowners will find themselves facing a laundry list of home maintenance tasks to tackle annually, one of the most important is keeping your HVAC system in ship shape so you always have the hot or cold air you need on demand.  The first question most homeowners have is how often this needs to be done.

The simple answer is: annually.  You need to schedule an appointment with your trusted HVAC service professional to service your heating in the fall, before winter weather sets in, and your AC in the spring, when temperatures are just starting to rise.  That said, there is some nuance involved with keeping your AC running smoothly, and you may need additional services for cleaning or repair, depending on a number of factors.

How Often Should AC Units be Cleaned?

As noted, annual visits for AC inspection, cleaning, and repair should occur in the spring.  That said, you may need additional visits for cleaning based on a number of factors.  If you live in a high-traffic area with a lot of dust and debris that can foul your AC unit, more frequent cleaning may be required to ensure optimal performance throughout the long, hot summer months.

Homeowners with pets (especially long-haired breeds) may notice frequent clogging and decreased performance due to pet hair.  If your unit is older, you might also need more frequent assistance to repair aging or damaged parts.  Your expert HVAC air conditioner service technician can help you to determine the right frequency of visits to meet your particular needs.

Who Repairs AC?

Any time HVAC repairs are in order, a qualified technician will be dispatched to your home to inspect your system, provide a bid, and conduct needed repairs to get your system back up and running post haste.

How Long Does AC Repair Take?

The duration of AC repairs will depend largely on the problem at hand.  If simply cleaning and repairing coils will do the trick, you could have your AC back in a matter of hours.  If parts are broken beyond repair and need to be ordered, the process will naturally take longer.

How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

Again, this depends on the repairs needed.  A simple fix could cost little more than the labor required, while massive repairs of expensive parts could set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Trusted professionals will always provide you with options so you can get the best value at the most affordable rate.

How Long to Cool Your House after AC Repair?

When properly repaired, your AC unit should begin to cool your house immediately, although it could take several hours to achieve optimal cooling, depending on the starting temperature of your home and the amount of cooling you desire.  With expert technicians on hand to repair your AC unit, you should regain a cool and comfortable home in no time.