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Call 24/7 For Great Service


Your HVAC system consists of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components that work together to provide your interior spaces with heating or cooling each time you adjust the thermostat. When everything is working perfectly, you can regulate your interior temperature for ideal comfort levels.

Unfortunately, you may start to notice that your system isn't delivering the same powerful heating and cooling you're used to. Or maybe your heating and cooling costs have increased without explanation. More likely, you're experiencing both of these issues in tandem. At Rowland Air, we're happy to check your entire system for issues during regular maintenance or emergency service calls.

If your furnace and AC units are relatively new and functioning properly, the problem could be with the system of ducts that carries air throughout your home. What types of duct-related services can you expect when you partner with Rowland Air?

Duct Sealing

Even if your ductwork is in perfect condition when it's first installed, it can develop leaks over time due to holes, deterioration, and broken seals. This can lead to rising utility bills, reduced performance, and interior temperatures that are difficult to maintain. If you want to increase comfort and control spending when it comes to heating and cooling your home, contact Rowland Air for duct sealing services.

Our trained and experienced technicians are more than qualified to assess your ducts and determine whether sealing is the best option to increase efficiency and comfort in your home. With properly sealed ducts, you can enjoy the greatest possible performance from your HVAC system.


Duct Repair and Replacement

When ductwork is inadequate, damaged, or otherwise in disrepair, it can significantly impact your comfort, cost, and convenience. If your ducts are old, outdated, deteriorated, or damaged in some way, the air you pay for could be escaping into walls and crawlspaces, leading to high energy waste.

Rowland Air can help you to identify and address such problems. Whether your ducts are not sufficient to support your heating and cooling needs, they're falling apart due to age, or you're suffering an infestation of pests or mold, the professionals at Rowland Air have the expertise to repair and replace ductwork so that you can reduce energy waste and utility bills while increasing performance and interior comfort. Contact us today at 800-500-9068 to address your HVAC concerns.

Duct Testing

The California Energy Commission (CEC) requires homeowners to conduct a Home Energy Rating System (or HERS) test any time a new furnace or AC unit is installed. Only CEC-certified inspectors can perform the field verification and diagnostic testing required to determine energy efficiency. Rowland Air is pleased to perform testing, seal ducts, and fill out all applicable paperwork to help you prepare to pass mandatory HERS testing following the installation or replacement of new HVAC equipment in your home.