Furnace And Heating System Installation

Furnace and Heating System Installation

When installing a new furnace and heating system, you naturally want the best products to meet your particular needs and keep your household comfortable when temperatures drop.  Our qualified furnace and heating experts at Rowland Air do more than just install and maintain your system – we can help you find the perfect solutions and explain how to get the most out of your HVAC system.  Here are a few things every homeowner should know before choosing heating components.

What are Heating and Cooling Degree Days?

Many homeowners are concerned about the cost of heating and cooling their homes, and unfortunately, extreme temperatures adversely impact energy and resource demands.

Degree days are defined as days when the average temperature exceeds or falls below a baseline of 65 degrees.  When temperatures run high, there’s greater demand for cooling, while the opposite is true of days when the temperature drops.

With greater weather extremes becoming the norm, more degree days are occurring.  As a result, many homeowners are seeking ways to increase energy efficiency in order to offset costs for needed heating and cooling, and the right equipment can make a huge difference.

What are Heating Curves?

Heating curves are graphic representations showing the effects on temperature when heat is applied over time, and for the purposes of heating systems, they can be used to determine potential energy waste and set temperatures accordingly to increase efficiency and curb unnecessary expenses.

For example, if you find that you get home in the evening and the house is cold, you might crank the thermostat for speedy warmth, drawing a lot of energy.  Instead, you could set a programmable thermostat to start slowly warming the interior before you arrive, reducing energy waste and service costs.  An energy-efficient furnace can also help, of course.

How Many Heating BTUs Do I Need?

Your heating needs will depend on the square footage of your home, and a simple calculation can help you to figure out the capacity required.  The rule of thumb for calculating BTUs is 20 per square foot of space, or 20,000 BTUs for 1,000 square feet, 40,000 BTUs for 2,000 square feet, and so on.

Who Installs Furnaces?

The trained and experienced professionals at Rowland Air are not only capable of installing furnaces and heating systems, but we are fully licensed and bonded by the California State License Board.  We’re also approved to install several brands including Lennox.

Are you ready to upgrade to an energy-efficient furnace that will help to keep your home comfortable while reducing utility costs?  Contact Rowland Air at 800-500-9068 to get started with a free estimate.