Are Those Home Furnace Noises Normal?

My Furnace is Making Noises – Is that Good or Bad?

If performing maintenance on your HVAC system is a regular part of your home upkeep routine, you may have noticed that your furnace can sometimes be noisy. Some of the noises you hear coming from your furnace may be completely typical and have no bearing on whether or not your furnace is malfunctioning. However, some furnace noises could be a bad sign. To discern between the two, make sure you know what kind of furnace you have and when it was installed.

Normal Noises from Newer and Older Furnaces

If your house is on the older side and the furnace hasn’t been replaced in a while, you may often hear clinking noises. This is normal for old metal furnaces and doesn’t necessarily point to any trouble with functionality. The forced-air furnaces of the modern day may make a few small sounds here and there, but make sure to take note of any excessive or unusual noises coming from the furnace.

Not so Normal Noises that Should Be Inspected by a Professional

If it sounds like a swordfight is taking place inside your furnace, it’s likely that a piece of machinery inside has broken or detached, causing it to hit against other pieces that it wouldn’t normally come in contact with. This is usually cause for a serious repair or even a furnace replacement.

Bang or pop when the furnace is first turned on. If you’re hearing a jarring noise every time your furnace is powered up, it could mean a couple of things. There may be excessive accumulation of dirt on your furnace burners, causing a delay in ignition and, subsequently, a gas buildup. The bang or pop you hear is the sound of the burners finally igniting after being delayed. This aggressive ignition can cause harmful wear to your furnace, requiring expensive repairs and even putting the machine in danger of catching fire. This type of sound could also mean that your home’s air ducts are expanding and contracting when you turn your furnace on and off. Duct problems like closed vents, a clogged air filter, poorly sized ducts, and flimsy ducts can cause this noise, and can also damage your furnace over time.

If you’re hearing squealing coming from your furnace, it is most likely signifying that a part needs to be repaired or replaced. Common parts that make a squealing noise when malfunctioning are the blower belt and the blower motor. If you catch issues with these parts early, they can usually be repaired easily. However, if the problem continues for too long, you may have an expensive furnace replacement on your hands.

If you notice that your furnace is making unusual sounds consistently, don’t hesitate to call a high-quality, well-trained HVAC technician at Rowland Air. Typically, most furnace issues can be fixed with a repair if the issue is caught early enough.