What Makes An Air Conditioner More Efficient?

When the sun comes out in Southern California, you likely find that you’re thankful for your air conditioner that keeps your home comfortable. However, when your energy bill comes in the mail, you may find that you have mixed feelings about the system.

There are ways to reduce your energy costs by improving the efficiency of your air conditioner. Not only will these steps lead to a lower bill, but you can also use them to cut down on your environmental impact.

Install or Upgrade Your Insulation

You may think that your insulation is just something that keeps out the cold. However, solid insulation also keeps the cold inside in the summer months. If you have inadequate insulation, the cool air that your air conditioner generates will drift out through your attic or walls, causing your system to work overtime to control your home’s interior temperature. Your energy bills will reflect the extra work that your system has to perform.

Clear the Area Around Your Outside Unit

The outer part of your air conditioner needs air circulation. If plant life is growing near the system or if debris is blocking the vents, the system will have to put in extra work to perform its job. By taking a few minutes to clear the area, you will improve its function and efficiency.

Insulate Your Ducts

Sometimes, people have ducts that run through an attached garage, utility room, or unfinished basement. The ducts in those areas will likely run through warmer zones that will rapidly heat the cold air that should be helping to cool off other parts of your home. By insulating your ducts, you can reduce wasted energy (and your bills).

Clear the Area Near Indoor Vents

If your couch blocks your vents, then the air cannot flow freely into your room. Make sure that all of your vents are adequately open to be able to cool your rooms effectively.

Clean Your Vents

Debris and dust can accumulate in your vents. With fewer obstructions in your vents, the air can flow more readily. You can use a vacuum to clean the ducts, but a professional air duct cleaning can remove even more unwanted debris from your system.

Close Your Blinds or Curtains

You may love to have the sunlight up your home, but those rays also bring warmth. When you step out for the day, close your blinds and curtains to block the light and reduce the heat.

Turn the Dryer on at Night

Dryers and other appliances generate heat. If you run them at night when the air outside is cooler, you will put less stress on your air conditioner.

Hire Someone to Service Your Unit Early in the Season

Your air conditioner may need to be serviced or cleaned to ensure that it is performing optimally. A professional technician can check the unit to catch any problems that may reduce the efficiency of your system.

At Rowland Air, our technicians can help to ensure that your air conditioner and your heater perform their jobs properly, keeping your home comfortable all year long.