What To Expect When Replacing Your HVAC System

Since Rowland Air has been in the HVAC business since 1987, we know a thing or two about HVAC system replacement, especially here in the Santa Clarita, San Fernando, Antelope Valley, and Ventura County areas. 

The first thing you should know is that any HVAC system is complex and made of many components, including:

  • Ductwork
  • Exterior AC components
  • Interior/furnace components
  • Ancillaries and electrical systems

The replacement process will vary from situation to situation, depending on what the technician encounters along the way. 

How Long Does It Take to Install a New HVAC System?

When our technicians arrive at your home to begin the job, the first thing they must do is ensure access to the components that need to be replaced. This could mean everything from opening gates to access the attic. Once they have clear access, the old equipment must be removed. Only then can the new equipment be installed. 

If we’re simply replacing your exterior equipment — like your compressor and condenser coil — the job shouldn’t take more than 4-8 hours, depending on variables. But if we’re replacing some interior components too, which is often the case, the replacement will require more time. 

What About the HVAC Ductwork?

Technicians often find faulty ductwork is a major contributor to why HVAC systems fail in the first place. As the ductwork system in your home ages, it can develop leaks, fittings can fail and fall away, and ducts can be crushed by moving a box in the attic or cellar. 

Then there’s the issue of cleanliness, which is a major contributor to your indoor air quality. If your old system’s filter wasn’t changed often enough, contaminants could be allowed to pass throughout the system and produce undesirable effects. 

You certainly don’t want to connect a brand-new system to bad ductwork, and our technicians can point out when and where ductwork replacement is required. If so, it could add a day or more to the installation. 

Will the Thermostat Need to Go?

Especially if your outgoing system has lived a full life and is more than a decade old, the “brain” that controlled it will leave something to be desired. We advise replacing the thermostat whenever you get a new system installed. 

The new thermostat will, most importantly, carry a factory-fresh calibration, which is crucial to system efficiency. It will also often feature programmable capabilities, even the capacity for instant remote access through smartphone apps, which allows you to check system status, adjust the settings in preparation for your return home from vacation, and so on. 

Essentially, running a new system on an old thermostat would be like building a new car but stuffing an old engine under the hood.

Expect Excellence in HVAC Replacement from Rowland Air

When you purchase an HVAC replacement from Rowland Air, you can rest assured that you’re getting a state-of-the-art solution to your home’s climate control requirements that will last years. 

Imagine being able to breathe the fresh, clean, cool air provided by a new HVAC system and knowing that your family will stay comfortable, happy, and most importantly, healthy.