Is Your Heater Energy Efficient? 3 Ways To Tell

Although California isn’t known for frigid winters, there are still a lot of questions about the most efficient way to heat your home. Inevitably, you’ll turn on your furnace to keep your space comfortable. However, some people decide to supplement their furnaces with space heaters to save money on their energy bills. But does this do the trick? 

The energy efficiency of your space heater depends on a few factors. At Rowland Air, we want you to understand how these devices can or cannot help, so we’ve explained three factors that influence the efficiency of your space heater.   

1. Measure the Size of the Space You’re Heating 

Answering this question is essential to decide between using your space heater or sticking with your furnace. Keep in mind that the larger the area, the higher the cost of heating it. A space heater may be the best choice if you only need to heat one or two small rooms. 

Lower amounts of energy are required to heat well-insulated small areas. However, it may be better to turn on the furnace if any of the following apply: 

  • You have high or vaulted ceilings 
  • The room cannot be closed off 
  • The space requires more than two heaters 

When you put a space heater in every room, the expenses increase, making your furnace a better choice. 

2. Check the Average Temperature of Your Home 

A space heater may be suitable for the job when you only need to increase the temperature by a couple of degrees. However, if you rely on a space heater to make your home several degrees warmer, your furnace is a faster and more energy-efficient option. 

3. Look Up the Energy Efficiency of Your Space Heater 

If your space heater is energy-efficient, it can be an excellent substitute for your furnace. But models with lower efficiency could cost you more than your standard heating system. 

You can determine how energy-efficient your space heater is by looking for energy efficiency ratings. Most space heaters come with this information listed on an Energy Star label. The better the Energy Star rating, the higher the heater’s efficiency.   

Advantages of Using a Space Heater 

Space heaters are a simple way to heat your home and can offer some additional advantages:

Easy to Use 

Modern space heaters are readily available from many in-store and online retailers. A heater is not something that requires a long, drawn-out process for you to decide whether it’s a wise investment. You can purchase and use your space heater on the same day.  

One of the best things about a space heater is that it doesn’t require the expertise of an HVAC technician to install it. Most models plug into the wall and have a power button. That’s it! However, you must read the instruction manual to ensure you’re using the heater safely.

Can Be Temporary   

Space heaters can provide a temporary solution. If you’re expecting colder than usual temperatures for a few days, running your space heater in commonly used rooms may save you money without the hassle of turning up your thermostat. After the cold front passes, pack up your space heater until you need it again.