HVAC Emergencies: Indications That It’S Time To Call A Professional 

If you have an HVAC unit in your home, you’re bound to run into some kind of problem eventually. While it’s necessary to maintain your unit, it’s easy to let these things slide amid the countless other tasks of daily life.

So what should you do when you notice issues with your HVAC unit? Should you make it a DIY project? or is it time to call in a professional?

Here’s a brief list of potential issues that may be afflicting your HVAC, and when to get out the big guns.

1.      Inconsistent Temperature or Airflow

There are a few possibilities that might explain your airflow issues. A dirty filter could be the cause, but thankfully this one is an easy fix. We recommend that you replace your air filters twice a year; once before winter and once before summer.

The source of the problem might also be how your furniture is arranged. Check to see if your vents are blocked, and make sure to vacuum them out periodically.

In some cases, there could be an issue with the ductwork, or your HVAC unit is simply not powerful enough to heat and cool your entire home. Any of these factors can lead to a spike in your utility bill, but the latter two require a professional assessment.

2.      Leaky Unit

If your HVAC has sprung a leak, take a flashlight to see if you can spot the source. It may be the overflow pan, which catches runoff from the furnace. If this is the issue, order a new one and have it installed by a qualified HVAC technician. However, it could also be that the condensate line is clogged. This is the line that moves excess condensation outside the building and it can get plugged up with algae, mold, and sediment. If you think you can handle it, vacuum clean the line yourself. Just remember to turn off the power to the unit first.

3.      Strange Sounds

If you’re hearing odd noises, your HVAC may be trying to tell you something. Hissing can mean that you’re losing air through the ducts or filter. Rattling may be a sign that there’s outdoor debris clogging the unit, but if it’s coming from inside the HVAC, it is best left to a professional. If you hear banging coming from inside your unit, don’t hesitate to call a technician. Loose parts will damage the inside of the unit and you could be looking at a much bigger repair bill down the road.

4.      Too Hot, Too Cold

First thing’s first. Check your thermostat to see if it’s clean and functional. Not the thermostat? It could be that the coils in the cooling unit have become corroded and non-functional. The coils can be saved with a good cleaning or may need replacing, but either way, you’ll need a HVAC technician’s help.

5.      Motor Dies

Don’t mess around with the motor. There could be any number of issues, but most are highly technical fixes and best left to a trusted HVAC repair service.

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