Prevent Costly Repairs With These Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips

Your homeowner’s heating and cooling system works hard all year long and you rely on it to maintain that performance to keep your family and guests comfortable. No matter the weather, we hardly think twice about our HVAC units delivering the best possible interior living conditions.

But what happens when something goes awry? Suddenly your family is shivering at the breakfast table in spring and baking like potatoes on hot summer days. It doesn’t have to be that way; tending to a few general maintenance chores each month keeps your heating and cooling system running like a top and can help dodge expensive repairs.

The experts at Rowland Air understand the need for regular maintenance and service to ensure your home’s HVAC component continues to chug along as intended, while keeping monthly energy costs at a minimum. Let’s look at some common and effective ways to treat your HVAC well.

Start outside and remove debris around HVAC unit

Outdoor HVAC systems need just as much attention as complex indoor models. Make a point of heading outside at least once every month to clean up any accumulated mess around the unit. Leaves, grass and other debris can pile up and disrupt an HVAC’s circulation. Step up your efforts twice a year by removing the system cover to remove any rouge debris inside.

Tend to the HVAC filter

An HVAC system’s filter acts as lungs to remove all manner of dust and tiny airborne dirt particles. Remove and inspect the filter and change as needed. Homes with smokers or pets or especially dusty outdoor climates will attract more debris to a filter. Rowland Air suggests changing a filter more often in these environments.

Check the condensate line

Clogs in condensate lines are rare if the system receives regular maintenance attention. However, if you notice drips or even puddles on the floor near the furnace or A/C, you could have a clogged line that needs expert repair. Be aware of any other odd noise as well as rattles, thumps, grinding, and other concerning noises that can all be heralds of issues within the system.

Give it a tune-up

Put it on your schedule to call in a service pro for HVAC tune-ups every spring and fall. An experienced and trusted technician from Roland Air will conduct a thorough inspection of the unit to look for any potential issues or sketchy performance, test all controls, clean and adjust the blower, and inspect electrical conditions. Proactive maintenance goes a long way in preventing major repair calls. Tune-ups also reduce your energy costs and help the system go easier on the environment.

Keep those vents clean

A great deal of dust and debris can build up inside your home’s vents. Vacuum them thoroughly and often to ensure clear airflow. If that doesn’t work, consider contacting Rowland Air for service, installation or repair needs.