Understanding Ductwork & Ventilation Systems


Are you struggling to keep your home comfortable despite running your HVAC system all day? It could be due to faulty ductwork and ventilation systems.

What is Ductwork?

Ductwork is a system of pipes that carry heated or cooled air throughout your home. It includes supply ducts that deliver conditioned air to your rooms and return ducts that bring back the air to be reconditioned. Ducts can be made of various materials, including metal, fiberglass, and flexible plastic.

Common Ductwork Issues

  • Leaks: Leaky ducts can waste up to 30% of your energy usage and cause uneven heating or cooling in your home.
  • Poor insulation: Poorly insulated ducts can cause heat loss or gain, increasing energy bills.
  • Obstructions: Obstructed ducts can reduce airflow, causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Tips to Maintain Ductwork

  • Inspect ducts regularly for leaks, holes, or loose connections.
  • Seal leaks and insulate ductwork to prevent heat loss or gain.
  • Remove obstructions from supply and return registers, such as debris or furniture.

What is Ventilation?

Ventilation is the process of circulating fresh air into your home while removing stale air. It includes mechanical ventilation systems, such as exhaust fans and air exchangers, and natural ventilation, such as opening windows and doors.

Common Ventilation Issues

  • Poor indoor air quality: Poor ventilation can lead to a buildup of pollutants, such as dust, mold, and chemicals, which can cause health problems.
  • High humidity: Inadequate ventilation can cause high humidity levels, leading to mold growth and structural damage.
  • Energy waste: Poor ventilation can cause your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, increasing energy bills.

Tips to Maintain Ventilation

  • Install mechanical ventilation systems, such as exhaust fans and air exchangers, in bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-moisture areas.
  • Open windows and doors regularly to let fresh air in.
  • Clean or replace air filters regularly to improve indoor air quality.

Santa Clarita Duct Services

If you need professional help with your ductwork and ventilation systems, contact Rowland Air, your trusted HVAC company in Canyon Country, CA. Our team of experts can help you with installation, repair, and maintenance services.


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