The Importance of Proper Refrigerant Management


Summertime is always the time people get excited. However, keeping your house cool can come at a cost with the sun shining so greatly. The answer? Air conditioning units. But did you know that these units run on specific chemicals called refrigerants that you need to know how to manage appropriately?

1. Refrigerants May Pose Health Risks.

Refrigerants are chemical compounds that keep air conditioning systems running smoothly. However, some refrigerants can harm human health when released into the atmosphere. In particular, one common type of refrigerant, R-22, was found to deplete the ozone layer, producing dangerous ultraviolet radiation. So, before you do anything to your AC or other refrigerant-containing equipment, call an HVAC professional to help manage and dispose of them properly.

2. Proper Refrigerant Management Saves You Money.

When you manage your refrigerants properly, you can avoid unnecessary and costly repairs since the coolant will function efficiently and effectively. So, ensure that you follow all proper maintenance routines to keep your HVAC unit functioning as it should. While refrigerant management can take some effort, it will be worth it in the long run.

3. It’s Good for the Environment.

Refrigerants can be detrimental to the environment when not handled correctly. They can contribute to ozone depletion, releasing excess greenhouse gases and other unstable chemicals into our air. You can reduce environmental harm through proper refrigerant management and do your part in protecting our planet.

4. Contributes to Your Safety at Home.

Safety is, of course, a vital concern regarding refrigerant management. It is necessary to wear protective clothing when handling refrigerants to ensure that it does not touch your skin or eyes. These chemicals can also result in fires, meaning you'll need to store refrigerant away from any heat-producing equipment. While it’s essential to have your HVAC company handle the make and model specifics around handling and management, homeowners must know that home appliances warrant attention.

5. Compliance With Government Regulations.

The government has placed forward strict regulations relating to the handling of refrigerants due to the environmental impact some refrigerants have. Further, not following correct protocols can lead to regulatory compliance fines and violations. To ensure you’re up to date with any policies and guidelines, it’s best to consult with a trusted heating and cooling professional.

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