How Often Should My Air Conditioning Be Serviced And What Happens If It’S Not?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to forget about or write off the maintenance of their AC units. However, overlooking the maintenance of your home’s cooling system increases the likelihood of expensive repair bills, inadequate cooling, and a shortened lifespan for your equipment.

Frequency of an AC Maintenance Service

Most AC systems only need to be serviced once per year, making it easy to keep up with maintenance appointments. Ideally, every spring you should have a qualified HVAC technician come to your home to inspect your AC equipment, repair minor problems, and search for more significant repair concerns.

Many HVAC contractors offer a service agreement—sometimes called a repair club—where you can set up an annual service appointment with a company in exchange for discounts and other benefits, including priority scheduling. This is especially useful if you think you might have trouble remembering to schedule your service appointment every year.

Consequences of Skipping an AC Service Visit

While skipping annual maintenance services might seem like no big deal, it can actually have several consequences, most of which can end up costing you a significant amount of money. Here are common issues that may arise if you do without your AC’s annual tune-up service:

More Frequent Repairs

AC units work hard to keep homes comfortable during the warmer months. The wear and tear of daily use can quickly take its toll on your unit. Parts can deteriorate or become loose, electrical connections can come undone, and slight damage—like a bent fan blade—can quickly grow into a bigger, more serious problem. Without an annual maintenance service appointment, these problems will accumulate, potentially forcing you to replace your AC after only several years.

Lower Efficiency

Accumulated dirt and debris, minor damage, and other factors can all lower the efficiency of your home’s cooling system. When your equipment has to work harder to produce the same results, you not only put more strain on your AC unit, but you also end up paying more in utility costs, as well.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

As dust and dirt collect in your air filter and your AC unit, it starts to enter your ductwork as well, which then spreads throughout the house. Studies have shown that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and these particulates are a large part of that pollution. Regular maintenance can help keep your system free of these particles.

AC Unreliability

The last thing you want is for your AC to quit on you in the middle of the hottest day of the year. But without regular maintenance, there’s no telling when your AC unit might conk out.

Shortened AC Lifespan

More than anything, regular maintenance keeps your AC system working well, which puts off the necessity for AC replacement as long as possible. Maintaining your AC unit won’t just save you money, it’ll save you headaches, as well.

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