What’S Included In AC Servicing And How Much Does It Cost?

When the summer heat hits Southern California, you’ll need a reliable home air conditioner to keep your living situation comfortable. But keeping your cooling system working at peak efficiency doesn’t just happen. It requires care and attention to make sure your AC doesn’t develop problems that could lead to poor performance or costly repairs.

What Happens During Your AC Maintenance Service

The best time to service your home’s AC system is during the spring. That way, before you switch on your equipment for the warm season, you can catch any problems that may have begun to develop in the cooler months. Loose parts, excess dirt and debris, and a host of other problems could cause major damage to your AC unit if they go unnoticed for too long.

When you hire a professional HVAC company to perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner, your technician will start by asking questions about how your AC has been performing. After, they’ll perform a thorough inspection of your unit and take note of any existing or potential problems. The inspection will include:

  • Flushing drain lines
  • Testing components, like the blower and capacitors
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Testing airflow from vents
  • Lubricating moving parts

Your technician will also perform minor repairs, such as replacement of parts that have worn out over time and the tightening of any loose electrical connections. Not only do these minor repairs fend off future issues, but they also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioner.

Once the inspection is complete, your technician will give your equipment a thorough clean. This task will include removing dust and debris from the unit as well as changing your air filter. Both will help to ensure sufficient airflow from your unit and improve your indoor air quality, too.

Maintenance and Repairs

Generally, the repairs performed as part of regular AC maintenance are very minor. If your technician discovers that more significant repairs are necessary, you’ll likely need to discuss a separate repair process.

After your AC has been inspected, your technician will go over their findings with you and let you know if your unit needs more repairs. If it does, they’ll review your options and provide you with an estimate. Typically, once you decide which repairs you’d like to move forward with and how much you’re willing to pay, the technician can get started on that same day.

Costs of AC Services

The cost of having your air conditioner serviced can vary from contractor to contractor. While many services are similar or even identical among most contractors, make sure that cost savings don’t come at the expense of a thorough job.

For the most part, you should expect to spend between $100-$200 for AC maintenance services. However, many contractors offer a maintenance agreement or service club through which you’ll receive discounts and other perks when you set up an annual recurring visit. Such a program could keep you from forgetting to do an annual AC tune-up.

If you’d like to learn more about AC maintenance options and prices, contact Rowland Air today!